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Water gardening is a relatively new area of gardening that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Outdoor living spaces has really caught on in the Okanagan. Adding water features and pond plants to those areas only adds to the relaxation of it.? We carry perennial, annual, tropical and floating type water plants to fit any of your needs.



Cyperus Papyrus

Cyperus Papyrus

Floating Water Moss


Frog Bit




Red Root Floater

Red Root Floater

Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth, Purple Aquatic

Water Lettuce

Water Lettuce (Sign only said assorted)

The most popular water plants we sell are Canna Lillies, Calocasias (Taro), Cyperus (Egyptian Papyrus), Musa Basjoo (Hardy Banana), Calla Lilies, hardy Water Lilies and Japanese Irises. We also carry different annual floaters like Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth.? These plants can be mixed to create unique tropical effects for every size of water feature.


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